Take in the view. Inhale Out The Stress At The World’s Most Famous Rock Arch

Take in the view. Inhale Out The Stress At The World’s Most Famous Rock Arch.

The Durdle Door is presumably the most popular stone curve anywhere on the planet. It was made when the ocean pierced through the Portland limestone, something like quite a while back. Looking west over the ocean side, detached stacks out adrift show where a more seasoned shoreline once lay. This piece of the coast is shaped from blended inlets and shows how Lulworth Cove and Stair Hole might have looked a few thousand years ago.


By following the normal precipice way down to Durdle Door ocean side, or the means to Man O’War ocean side, the shifted Purbeck Beds are plainly noticeable. At the foundation of the chalk bluffs, various caverns should be visible that have been cut out by the ocean (wave cut indents). Kindly don’t enter them as bluff falls are normal. A painstakingly positioned translation board at the highest point of the meaning assists with making sense of the site.

Durdle Doors are an absolute requirement for any outing to this area. From setting up camp to shaking pooling, strolling to coasteering, photography to nature strolls, or simply partaking in the staggering perspectives. There’s a lot to do and see here.

Make sure to protect yourself as well as other people by sticking to social segregation while visiting our sea shores.

Taking full advantage of your visit

Here you can track down data to assist you with arranging your visit to Lulworth and Durdle Door. Learn about the Visitor Center, offices, and availability and get headings.

Kindly make sure to bring reasonable footwear assuming you are wanting to walk anyplace, as a portion of the routes can be steep and, once in a while, temperamental.

If it’s not too much trouble, make sure to assist with keeping Lulworth clean by utilising the receptacles provided or bring your litter back home with you.

Here on the Lulworth Estate, we have various vehicle leaves accessible for your visit.


Assuming you park at Durdle Door, Lulworth Cove or Lulworth Castle, we ask that you buy a ticket. The assets raised from these deals contribute towards our guest offices, for example, vehicle leaves, streets, trails, steps to the sea shores, latrines, ocean side superintendents, officer administration, squandering the executives’ protection and wellbeing, and security. It also helps to subsidise education and special events for children and adults of all ages.

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